Where we see the Church taking action

In our research we’re witnessing the Church providing exemplary forms of support to different communities. If you want to explore how they’re taking action — or if you are looking for ideas — here are examples around prayer, giving, and volunteer. By no means are they the only good examples. (Note: the organizations mentioned are not sponsoring their message on Salt & Light.)


You can find other calls to action (some clearer/stronger than others) by going to our database, finding any church’s CTA, CTG, or CTP columns marked with a “Yes,” then clicking through to the hyperlinks (Keep in mind that content may have changed since the date we found and linked to it.)


Call to prayer example

Prayer is a direct way of connecting with God, with others, and the world to bring spiritual change. We discovered this prayer guide from Foursquare Church by its president, Glenn Burris Jr. We appreciated this resource's simple, accessible, and hands-on approach.


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Call to donate example

During this pandemic season, resources and finances are more scarce than ever. We highlight the Salvation Army's COVID-19 relief page, as the content provides different avenues for both the donor and the recipient to engage. Moreover, the page provides impact statistics to emphasize data-driven giving in its storytelling, along with current efforts to engage federal, regional, and local agencies.


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Call to volunteer example

While respecting the guidelines laid forth by the CDC, churches remain active in hands-on volunteerism to support their cities. We noticed the variety of practical steps on Church of God Ministries' website to provide ideas to its congregations. Resources are updated frequently, including FAQs addressing re-opening and simple ways to love thy neighbor. 


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