What is the Church saying about following Jesus through a global pandemic?

We gather and publish data on how Christian organizations and leaders are responding to the pandemic. 

19 denominations. 120 Christian leaders.


What are we learning about

Christian denominations?

Denominations and pastors offer prayerful guidance.

Among select large denominations, most (though not all) have used their web platforms to offer words of pastoral counsel and guidance. At first, very few denominations also called for prayer or other action for those impacted by COVID-19, but as time progressed they began increasingly doing so. Learn more about our methods and data.


Typically, fewer than half of denominations call for action to help those impacted by COVID-19, and fewer than half of these call for actions that reach people living outside of the United States. Learn more about our methods and data.


What are we learning about

Christian leaders?

Denominational messaging has limited action & scope.


Christian organizations have consistently been more vocal than individual Christian leaders.

Christian media and nonprofit organizations are most likely to communicate encouraging  COVID-related messages, followed by pastors, authors, and artists. Learn more about our methods and data.

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Why did we start

Salt&Light Project?

The pandemic has affected our global community in unimaginable ways. As followers of Jesus, we seek to understand how the Church is responding.


What's our process?

We track what Christian influencers are communicating on social media and what large Christian denominations are communicating through their website. We aim to capture information that is as consistent and objective as possible in samples that are broadly representative of the Church in the U.S.